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Wellbeing Programs


At Westall we understand that student wellbeing is critical to child development and student learning


In 2023 the School is implementing the following programs:


  • A School Wide Positive Behaviour Approach - The school is implementing a consistent school-wide positive behaviour model

  • The Respectful Relationship Program - for 1 hour each week

  • Full-Time School Counsellor - our school counsellor has a master of psychology and master of counselling degree and extensive experience working with a range of student needs including behavioural, ASD, social and friendship issues. 

  • Monash Student Councillors - master of counselling students from Monash also attend regularly to support students.

  • Speech Therapist - once per week

  • Kids Hope Mentors - (new 2023) attend from Kids Hope each week as a buddy for selected students.

  • Lunch Clubs -  including

    • Cooking Club​

    • Choir program

    • Dance Club

    • Computer Club (coming soon)

    • Play leaders program

  • Breakfast Club - several days a week

  • Therapy Dog Program - for selected students

  • Equine Therapy Program - to assist students to manage emotions, to overcome fear and anxiety, to learn self and animal care.

  • Friday Reward Program - time-out in the City of Kingston Library doing a range of activities including gaming, reading and other activities.

  • Student leadership program - school captains, senior school leaders, junior school council

School Wide Positive Behaviour Approach

At Westall our approach to student behaviour centres around the following three values 

  • Safety

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

The School-wide Positive Behavior Approach (SWPBA) is an evidence-based framework that improves student behavior and academic outcomes. It features:

  • Clear behavior expectations

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Consistent consequences

  • Proactive approach

  • Collaborative involvement

  • Data-driven decision-making

  • Targeted interventions

  • Ongoing professional development

  • Sustainable implementation

SWPBA has been proven effective in reducing disciplinary issues, enhancing student behavior, and promoting a positive school climate. It fosters a supportive learning environment by teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors school-wide.

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